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Flat Earth Tour


The North America Flat Earth Tour is currently in the development stages.
Each tour stop will have Flat Earth Activist* demonstrating the Flat Earth on Mobile Billboards and handing out Flyers and Cards.

The Tour is being planned to cover all 50 States and parts of Canada.

Depending on the State/Province there could be more than one location.

We had hoped to have the Tour in 2020, but due to the Hoax it's been postponed...fingers crossed for 2022..... update, here it is January 3rd 2022 and it's still looking bad!


This will be a group effort if you would like to be a part of this event please reach out:
click here.

*Not a public speaker, no problem, we'll also need people handing out information.


The Flat Earth North American Tour was Inspired by the
Globe Lies UK Tour

If you're presently a Flat Earth Street Activist please click here to be added to the Flat Earth 101 Activist Page

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